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The wall

The Z-film’s origin seems to lie on a wall that extends-off the pedestal.

The Z-film’s origin seems to lie right of DPD’s photo (parallax).

Any further south-west is falling off the pedestal, except on the wall.

There is wall that extends south-west of the pedestal.

The Lamppost Mystery


Craig Lamson is a “debunker” of ‘assassination science’ and a promoter of the “the Z-film is an authentic photographic record” narrative. A while ago he presented a compelling counter-case against John Costella’s “lamppost mistake” case.

I think Craig Lamson’s counter-case is flawed and here is a deeper-level of thought to help us understand the lamppost properly.

John Costella is perhaps only 95% gold (5% lazy?). I love his style/presentation and he’s a golden-researcher but his statement that parallax can’t tilt objects cannot be true.

In fact parallax does cause a change-in-lean for objects that are leaning to start with, which is what Craig Lamson claims is what we see happen (his starting assumption is that the lamppost was leaning).

The Z-film shows the lamppost leaning (but because we are open-minded about Z-film-alteration, this so-called “lean” is questionable). The Dallas Police Department photo taken approx. 5 days later from the same pedestal shows the lamppost vertical.

Photographs taken from the immediate-aftermath show the lamppost vertical from all angles.

The Z-film and the DPD photo have been overlaid-seamlessly onto a panorama of Dealey Plaza, and there is an apparent parallax between the two (+ a change-in-lean). The parallax is small..


could the change-in-lean we see be accounted for by the corresponding degree of parallax

The degree of parallax can be measured by comparing the alignment of the lamppost in two frames (Z-film and DPD) with background “edges”, and mapping this on the map.

degree of parallax = 0.573°, and

change-in-lean = 1.63°.

For this degree of parallax to cause this degree of change-in-lean, the lamppost’s full lean must be huge.


The Leaning Tower of Pisa is slanted by 3.99°, but only in 1 plane does it lean by this much.

Thinking about the lean in terms of a % of the full lean is helpful.

In percentage terms this is 100%.


A camera orbits “Pisa Tower”.

The lean will vary in a sine wave fashion from 0% to 100% over an orbital-journey of 90°.


Y-axis = lean (%)

X-axis = degree of orbit (°)


I derived a mathematical equation to determine the full lean of the lamppost based on knowing two corresponding values: the degree of parallax (x) and the change-in-lean (y).



To show you how ridiculous this would look, I made this:

I have here 8 photographs of the aftermath from 8 different angles.
All 8 show the lamppost in plain sight, and none of them agree with the suggestion that the lamppost leaned that much.


favourite actors

  1. gene hackman
  2. tommy lee jones
  3. matt damon
  4. harrison ford
  5. kevin costner
  6. leonardo dicaprio
  7. jim broadbent
  8. gary oldman
  9. robert de niro
  10. jude law
  11. hugo weaving
  12. philip seymour hoffman
  13. colin firth
  14. colin farrell
  15. jamie foxx
  16. russel crowe
  17. tom cruise
  18. andy serkis
  19. sir ian mckellen
  20. ian holm
  21. john hurt
  22. willem dafoe
  23. dustin hoffman
  24. denzel washington
  25. john malkovich
  26. ed harris
  27. clint eastwood
  28. javier bardem
  29. cillian murphy


  1. minority report
  2. the fugitive
  3. the prestige
  4. the truman show
  5. the talented mr. ripley
  6. the firm
  7. all the president’s men
  8. patriot games
  9. the untouchables
  10. no country for old men
  11. the great escape
  12. the lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring
  13. primer
  14. flight of the phoenix
  15. the killing fields
  16. the day of the jackal
  17. valkyrie
  18. the omen (1976)
  19. u.s. marshalls
  20. moon
  21. taken
  22. pursuit of happyness
  23. district 9
  24. the girl with the dragon tattoo (swedish)
  25. the girl who kicked the hornet’s nest (swedish)
  26. secret window
  27. the shining
  28. collateral
  29. united 93
  30. the pelican brief
  31. the aviator
  32. catch me if you can
  33. open water 2: adrift
  34. flight plan
  35. the ghost writer
  36. no way out
  37. the bourne ultimatum
  38. the changeling
  39. the others
  40. state of play
  41. awakenings
  42. ocean’s twelve
  43. hp and the half-blood prince
  44. memento
  45. children of men
  46. the matrix
  47. hannibal
  48. manhunter
  49. the next three days
  50. escape from alcatraz
  51. manchurian candidate (2004)
  52. inside man
  53. apollo 13
  54. a beautiful mind
  55. threads
  56. clear and present danger
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  58. right at your door
  59. manhunter
  60. v for vendetta
  61. I am legend
  62. cypher
  63. tinker tailor soldier spy
  64. the terminal






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the ninth gate, frantic, splice, pi, timecrimes, thx 1138, the jacket, the butterfly effect, unbreakable, the skeleton key, the machinist, shutter island, the game, oldboy, jacob’s ladder, mulholland drive, the tenant, dogville, the conversation, buried, the jigsaw, the thing 1&2, soylent green, logan’s run, total recall, buried

favourite video games

  • midtown madness
  • burnout 3: takedown
  • far cry
  • lego alpha team
  • star wars: battlefront
  • star wars: battlefront 2
  • lemmings
  • SimCity 3000
  • theme hospital
  • the secret of monkey island
  • StarCraft
  • diablo 2
  • worms world party
  • armadillo run
  • ratchet & clank
  • superbike 2001
  • lotr: the two towers
  • lotr: the return of the king

favourite children’s books


favourite children’s stories

  • the wind in the willows

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favourite comedy films

  • meet the fockers
  • meet the parents
  • a serious man
  • hot fuzz
  • armageddon

favourite film music

  • star wars
  • lotr
  • jfk
  • toy story
  • monsters inc
  • awakenings

by john williams & randy newman

favourite classical music

  1. schubert (unfinished symphony, impromptu op. 90 no. 4; impromptu no. 3 in G flat major Op. 90 (D899))
  2. sibelius (symphonies 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 + violin concerto in D minor)
  3. rachmaninov 
  4. wagner (die meistersinger von nürnberg, tristan und isolde prelude)
  5. bach (* + * + *)
  6. elgar (nimrod, (land of hope and glory))
  7. beethoven (sonata pathétique piano sonata no. 8 in C minor; op. 13, piano concerto no. 4 in G major, op. 58; symphony no. 9 in D minor; piano concerto No 5, Emperor )
  8. mozart – Piano concerto n. No. 21 in C major, K.467; Sonata in C for Piano Duet, K. 521

favourite tv comedy

  1. black books
  2. the office
  3. the inbetweeners
  4. peep show
  5. extras
  6. fawlty towers
  7. gavin & stacey

favourite tv drama

  1. forbrydelsen season 1-only!

dev twisters

From “Planetary Anatomy” by FOREAL™

Surrealism is key in “Dev Twisters” thrillers, by the way.

Here are “Dev Twisters” examples:

Repo Men


Reality or Deception? George Clooney finds himself unable to answer that question.


The moon is populated only by one guy who mans automation. He discovers he’s only one in a long list of clones who (the clue is in the name) look identical. It’s a sort of time loop of extinguishment and birth of these clones, and the main character is about to be extinguished. There isn’t really a development as such, but there needn’t be because the premise is pretty much the entire plot. Worth seeing – definitely.

By Timothy J. Reynolds from

The Prestige

The topic of magicians is already off to a good start. There’s more than one development, and several twists throughout the film, but it is so, so layered that new twists and developments are apparent on further viewings of the film. It is perhaps one of the best films of the 21st century.

By Timothy J. Reynolds from


Time travel, and what would actually happen. No really, the setting is very realistic, giving rise to ants in pants disbelief.

By Timothy J. Reynolds from

The Talent Mr. Ripley

An impossibly talented man who adopts new identities as a hobby. Fantastic premise. This film isn’t as layered as some, but the developments are out of this world, and they can’t help but put a huge grin on your face no matter how cynical the context.

Catch Me if you Can

The Ghost Writer



Short term memory loss. The events are sequentially reversed to complicate things beyond what I thought possible. Mind blowing in its essence.

The Truman Show

Loved it on first viewing as a child. Mr Truman was born into a lie – a false reality – and the lie is used for entertainment of a global scale. Extremely satisfying, but cruel. Such an original idea that hasn’t really been matched. One of the best Psychological thrillers out there.

GroundHog Day

This film is more of a rom-com than a Psycho-thriller, and it isn’t as exciting to a mature viewer as Ripley, but it is excellent and totally worth watching. Some may say it isn’t a true ‘wrist twister’, but if you haven’t seen it here’s a fun stroke exciting friday evening to be had.

Minority Report

The “Pre-cogs” (predict future) have constant nightmares of actual murders, and they are utilised by ‘good guys’ to prevent these crimes. This is an impossibility in our world, so it really stretches complexity of plot to its limit. The development in this film is probably to single most thrilling of any film out of all categories.

The Adjustment Bureau

A montage of all other ‘wrist twisters’ with a comical element and romantic focus. Very metaphorical and philosophical. The ‘funnies’ are of similar style Armageddon. Cracking entertainment and very thoughtful.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

With all these films, I think the plot has to be the extraordinary premise, otherwise the concept becomes just a template for a clichéd storyline.

A great example of a film that gets it so, so wrong from beginning to end is Inception. The premise in this film is a great one. Placing stuff in people’s dreams, and in different levels/stages in their dream. Priceless premise! Nolan had a perfect record before he made Inception. However he made the worst made any filmmaker can make: he made a really really bad film. The premise is what I just described, but the plot doesn’t consist in the problems that arise and would arise in real life from such a premise – messing around with people’s dreams. Instead, the plot is pretty much a bunch of crazy ninjas who are bloody hard! Well for a film that’s meant to be about dreams what the heck are these lunatics doing here? The dreaming aspect is just a way of telling a crappy, almost non existent plot. Dreaming and inception is of no importance to the plot, for you could have ninjas invading Halifax on floor 1, floor 2, floor 3 and floor 4 and the plot would still be the same. Somebody needs to take Inception’s premise and make a ‘film’ out of it.

If you have an extraordinary premise but pair it with already complicated circumstances such as war, aliens or monsters, you destroy the magic of the premise; Magic becomes magic only when it isn’t needed.

Of course there are films which could be described in such a way that means my own criteria backfires, but there’s a certain amount of honesty that must be applied otherwise we’ll never learn to appreciate others’ points of view.

What I want to know is when are the two greatest minds in the “Dev-o-Logical” realm – Philip K. Dick and Christopher Nolan – going to team up and make a mind-blowing film that combines all of their very best thinking? Imagine that! It would be like really surreal. The former wrote the books who’s film counterparts are Bladerunner, Minority Report and The Adjustment Bureau; In my opinion he is one of the best science fiction writers of the 20th century, and I also think he has contributed as much to great film-making as H.G. Wells. The latter directed Momento, The Prestige and Inception.

Although I have poured a lot of scorn on Inception, I love some of the ideas in it – I so wish they had saved the ‘Jackie Chan’ action for a pure action movie rather than infect a bunch of state of the art film-able concepts i.e. dreams within dreams and the ability to control ‘jumps’.

I must admit I haven’t yet watched the film again after going to see it at the cinema in 2010, so perhaps I’d appreciate more about it on ‘second viewing’ reflection.

As with a lot of artists who start out unique and sparky, Nolan seems to have gone to the ‘Dark Side’ with his unimaginative and frankly boring ending to his Batman trilogy.

However, he may make a come-back. I read only last week that Nolan is directing a film called “Interstellar”, which looks really cool. In simplistic terms it’s meant to be about Wormholes and alike, so if Nolan takes anything like the approach he took for his earlier films, I think we could be in for a treat next year.

I just hope he doesn’t make the disastrous assumption that he must fill all his films with ‘baddies’ and gun fights so as to “keep them entertained”; People entertain themselves if they have interesting and engaging material to work with: you can’t force entertainment on people.

For example, I would love it if this film (which is about the scientific theories by physicist Kip Thorne that haven’t yet been proven) took a classic calm, engaging and perhaps theatrical approach to telling a really good, mind-blowing story. If they distract the viewer with an unnecessary amount of CGI and mindless violence, then the story can’t be told in a worthy way. I pray that Nolan still has it in him to think big.